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Special Religious Education (SRE)

ASA provide teachers for Scripture classes in local public/privates school to promote our mother tongue and faith in Sikhism. 

The program focuses on a course of Gurubani and Punjabi language teaching from both the Old and New Testaments with outcomes-based teaching.  It aims to build strong foundations highlighting Sikhism principles and morals in keeping with the faith of the Sikh religion.

The Aim


The aim of the SRE is to teach:

  • The Punjabi language including the history, culture and values of Punjabi community.

  • Gurbani and Gurmat values.

  • In addition, the school will focus on promoting the multiculturalism through interaction with the wider Australian communities.

Interested in Religious Teaching? 

Do you have the zeal and passion for Religious teaching? If yes, please refer to the below documents to find out more about the Job description and associated roles and responsibilities for a Special Religious Education(SRE) Teacher.

For more information or feedback please contact our Education Director. Refer to Management Committee page for contact details.

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