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Free Classes

Many free classes are being run by ASA Ltd. as part of our continuous service to the community. Please refer below for various classes.

Kirtan Classses

  • Gurmat Sangeet Classes:

Gurbani Kirtan classes are held every Saturday 4PM - 5PM at Gurudwara Sahib. Please contact

Sirdool Singh - 0414212457


All ages are welcome. It is widely believed that kirtan restores the lost glory of the soul. Within the ecstasy of Shabad Kirtan the ego melts and dissolves in the infinity of supreme Naam.

The actions of practicing, listening and performing kirtan , the latter being such an honour to lead the blessed Sadh Sangath on a spiritual journey , absorbing and merging into the divinity of compositions of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji are the living Guru of the sikhs. Guru Arjan Dev ji wrote Gurbani into 31 musical measures (ragas) along with 17 rhythm cycles (Ghars). Divine Kirtan being the language of the spirit transcends all barriers, creed and religions, filling the hearts with intense devotion, stimulating humility and stirs the Amrit Naam latent in the soul.

In this Dark Age (Kaliyug) fruition of life lies in singing the praises and glory of the Lord and Shabad Kirtan is the method ordained by our Gurus, considered as one of the greatest blessings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji . It facilitates stilling the mind and consequent concentration/meditation on the Divine Lord, thrilling and charming our latent souls and awakening the Guru consciousness and the God consciousness within.Gurbani Kirtan is a tool that we can use to empower our children, future generations and Sadhsangath (The holy congregation).

Turban Classes

The dastaar, as the Sikh turban is known, is an article of faith that has been made mandatory by the founders of Sikhism. It is not to be regarded as mere cultural paraphernalia.

When a Sikh man or woman dons a turban, the turban ceases to be just a piece of cloth and becomes one and the same with the Sikh's head. The turban as well as the other articles of faith worn by Sikhs has an immense spiritual as well as temporal significance. The symbolisms of wearing a turban are many from it being regarded as a symbol of sovereignty, dedication, self-respect, courage and piety but the reason all practicing Sikhs wear the turban is just one - out of love and obedience of the wishes of the founders of their faith.

The turban, since ancient times, has been of significant import in the Punjab, the land of the five rivers and the birthplace of Sikhism. There was a time when only kings, royalty, and those of high stature wore turbans. Two people would trade their turbans to show love or friendship towards each other.

The Turban classes are held every Sunday 11AM - 1PM

Gatka Classes

Info to be added soon.

Special Classes

 To help promote Sikh community and culture, ASA organizes free teaching and training classes at no cost for all age groups. Anyone can participate to learn. Some of the common classes includes:

  • Computer Classes (especially for Senior Citizens)

  • English & Punjabi Language Classes

Please contact to find our Education Director classes schedules and timings.

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